Who We are

An Oakland family, passionate about contributing to the culture and development of our city, focusing on arts and entertainment, that is both inclusive and accessible.


Our Story

Established in 2000

The Scrivanis purchased Warehouse416 in 2000, with a dream to develop a collaborative space that would reflect the needs of the community. What started as an auto detail business shifted toward the arts in 2006, when owner Ron Scrivani developed two office spaces and three artist studios. His idea was to create affordable space for artists and small businesses in downtown Oakland.



In 2008, Warehouse416 joined The Oakland Art Murmur, an event where Oakland galleries collectively open on the first Friday of each month.

In 2010 Angela Scrivani, owner of Scrivani  Productions became the gallery manager and curator of Warehouse416. In addition to upgrading the space, her broader vision was to develop Oakland-centric art shows that would represent the artists from our community. 


In 2014 Warehouse416's Gallery started teaming up with guest curators from the community, who work with local artists to produce vibrant art shows each First Friday for The Oakland Art Murmur.

We continue to provide affordable space for small businesses and artists. You can also book our space for events and celebrations.